Methodological Research

Whether it is research, knowledge transfer, rehabilitation, sports or any area of ​​development, it is always a different method that helps to achieve the goal.
Methodology helps us find the most effective method for the given task.


The science of the methods.
The methodologies of Fontanus are designed to facilitate development by providing effective, hands-on methods to improve our lives and environments.


Observation and conclusion.
Our research aims to understand the problems and find effective, efficient, modern solutions to them, through the coordinated work of many disciplines and organizations.

Fontanus Methodology

The science of methods

Finding the most appropriate method for a task – or to create a new one – requires a high level of expertise. From gathering the necessary knowledge through arranging it to mapping out how to achieve the desired result, a myriad of aspects need to be considered, coordinated with each other to put together the right procedure.

Whether it’s physical development (training methods, sports), mental development (education, training) or any developmental methodology, our goal is to find modern, 21st century solutions to current challenges. századi megoldásokat találjunk az aktuális kihívásokra. By using them, anyone can improve their quality of life, their circumstances, their everyday lives, develop themselves, their human relationships, their lives.

We also place great emphasis on making theory into workable practice. Our research and the methods we have developed have proved their effectiveness in practice.

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Problems and solutions

Here are some examples of what practical problems can be solved with the science of methodology, by finding or developing the right method:

  • If knowledge transfer within an organization is hampered, causing problems for both the employee and the employer, it leads to stress, reduced work efficiency, and lost revenue.
  • If we are looking for an effective way to develop certain skills and abilities in either children’s education or adult education.
  • If a research is stuck or stalled and does not lead to results, the chosen perspective and means of research are limited.
  • When an athlete loses motivation, his or her performance decreases.
  • If someone wants to improve their lifestyle but can’t find the solutions that help them change.

We have many years of experience in methodology development in a number of areas, including scientific research, education, healthcare, sports, law enforcement, stress management and more. As part of our methodology development service, we undertake to assess the needs of our partner, systematize their knowledge, select or create the most appropriate method for the task and help put it into practice.

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Our research

At the Fontanus Scientific Methodological Research and Education Center, the focus of research is on the relationship between man and reality, and we examine this from an interdisciplinary approach, approached from several disciplines.

Our activities:

  • basic research, applied research, experimental development and innovation
  • converting results to practice, in the form of educational methods, educational trainings and lectures, events, articles, games, and other appearances
  • research and development projects involving domestic and foreign experts
  • service development tailored to market needs
  • ensuring that talented young people take part in research projects
  • training and educational programs that complement and develop various competencies
  • we take part in mentoring programs and the preparation of scientific dissertations