FONTANUS Scientific Methodological Research and Educational Center

We deal with people and human development. We examine our research topics from several different perspectives, approached from different disciplines. In our fifteen years of operation, based on private funding, we have developed a number of modern, innovative and efficient methodologies.


Based on our research, we develop methods, tools and procedures with which we can pass on knowledge as efficiently as possible, we can develop our skills and make our lives better. We consider it important to use our research results in practice, in the form of tools and methods that serve development.


The wide range of knowledge and the tools created during our research can be used effectively in education to develop individual competencies, both for children and for adults. We utilize these in our individual and group trainings, with effective, custom-developed methods that meet the challenges of the modern age.

Health Center

Health: balance in the body and in the mind. Based on our research results and the professional experience of our team, we have created Fontanus Health Center, where we help to restore the upset balance and maintain it in the long run so that you can live a healthy and balanced life.

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Health in focus

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The Fontanus Scientific Methodological Research and Education Center is a privately owned research institute. Our researches are carried out from tender sources and with the support of the Fontanus Foundation. You can also contribute to our work with the support of the Fontanus Foundation.

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