Castle of Mind

7990 Ft

A two-player logic-strategy board game.

In the colorful hall of the castle of the mind, two players fight each other. Players move colored pieces on the stones of the castle. The goal is to get the red piece to the middle of the field – and prevent your opponent from reaching it first.

The game has a lot of potential. It is up to the players to decide which piece to play, what strategy to use, how to switch on the fly, when and where to attack, how to defend.

And what makes the game particularly exciting is the unique mechanics of the game, that is the hit does not (necessarily) take place where the move is.
This simple yet ingenious twist in the gameplay requires players to focus on the entire board, to try to see ahead of their opponents, to keep many possible versions in mind, to think – and to continually improve their thinking.

So the fight is actually going on in the minds of the two players. The colored pieces moved on the colored stones of the castle of the mind display this contest.







Castle of Mindis more than a game. Not only does it entertain, it also puts you to the test. It uses the brain – and develops it.
When creating the game, the primary goal of the creators was to create a game that has a developmental impact on different mental skills and abilities.

Playing develops thinking in numerous areas. It develops logic, strategic sense, concentration, combinatorial skills, seeing connections, thinking ahead, and other areas.
The Fontanus Trademark on the product confirms the developmental impact of the game based on research by the Fontanus Center.


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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 5 cm


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